The end of one thing and hopefully the start of the next

My BA show is officially up and I passed orals, so what better time to get back on the blogging horse and start recording my art again, now that I have time to write (hopefully?).

IMG_2546 IMG_2614 IMG_2615

Well there you have my BA installation, titled “then it’s our plain duty to escape, and to take as many with us as we can!” (credit given to the amazing mister Tolkien, for his words I’ve appropriated here).  Orals were passed Yesterday and unless I somehow manage to bomb my last core class I have left I’m graduation bound in mere weeks! Which is kind of scary because, after all, I’ve been a student now for 16 years (if you don’t count pre-k and Kindergarten, then it’s 18)! That’s a large chunk of a 21 year old lady’s life! So I’m off into the real world to find a job in something to do with art. Education still sounds magnificent but I probably don’t want to combine my love of tiny humans with a career in arts unless I want to have my life be part time finger painting adviser. Somehow I don’t think they get paid well. I’m doomed to interact with humans my own height I guess.

Tomorrow I’m off to the Rachofsky warehouse bright and early, but in the meantime before I drift off to bed (as any good little utterly exhausted senior does at 10:30, right?) I shall share what my restless fingers have been hard at work making.

I finally got to open my moulds from the aluminum pour before set up and they looked awesome. But they didn’t look so awesome once they were shiny and cleaned up
The stitches just got lost and there’s such a fun plarn pattern that came out AMAZINGLY well and just melts my socks. FWISH. GONE. NO SOCKS. So I patina’d them and I’m pretty satisfied with the results.
crochet 2

crochet 3

fabulous right? I’m thinking maybe some cork on the bottom and they’d make nice coasters, the square ones at least. The hexagons I’m still unsure what fate holds for them. I really wish I had time for one more aluminum pour because I want to make a snowflake form. I mean, doesn’t that just sound pretty? I know, professional art terms here but I’m a little girl at heart, no matter how many degrees I accumulate before I die, I doubt that’ll change.

My reception’s coming up in 8 days and I want my food to match my work. I also want my dress to match my work. I may have a mild OCD thing going here, but I quite frankly couldn’t care. I’ve already got sparkly silver fish earrings that I’ve saved for the occasion. In the meantime I’ve been thinking about my guest book.  Yeah, I could just put out any old book but I want one that- you guessed it- goes with my work. That was until I realized if I want to use the same book over again for another show it won’t match the next so maybe I’ll just find something cute? I’ll decide that hurtle when I get to the book store. But what I’ve spent today dealing with is a book stand to put my guest book on. Yes, I have pedestals that my boyfriend painstaking screwed together for me and spackled then helped me paint so I could have adequate sized pedestals but I don’t want to just put my book right down on them. Well actually I don’t mind doing that but I really really really really really wanted to make a plexi glass book stand to put it on.  Well, I’ve got a few days before the one week mark (which I really want to have my book and show cards up by) so I sat down today with my plexi collection and started cutting.

I don’t have a picture of what I ended up with because I didn’t like it. and I was sad. How could my over eagerness and lack of skill at working with plexi have possibly backfired? This never happens all the time to you miss Alex. Well I dealt with it the way I deal with everything. TO THE FIXING BOARD! which usually doesn’t involve painstaking hours of exact repair work (just kick me in the shins if I ever consider repairing someone else’s work. Even on my meticulous focused days I don’t think I could ever be as exacting as my studio mate)  No, no, no I liked the bubbled effect I got when I accidentally might have let the plexi touch the oven rack and get too hot and melt all over the rack and make the over smell of plexi every time we turned it one for a month so we were too scared to cook in it until we got it all out.  but here’s the silver lining. beautiful effect! wonderful knowledge! and I used it! Past knowledge isn’t allowed to be lazy in my head!

I know I can’t be the only person who thinks this looks awesome. Once I’ve got it all assembled and on my black pedestals with an attractive guest book and some jellyfish show cards~ mmmmm <3

We’ll see where my art goes now that I don’t have access to the sculpture studio anymore!


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