Took a stab back at Wheel Throwing

I’ve had a hankering to do a class at the Old Lorton prison’s Workhouse Art Center, and this summer I finally saw my chance.  Signed up for a ceramic wheel throwing class.  Now it’d been a good 4-4 1/2 years since I last threw any pottery, excluding Legend of Zelda, so I was really rusty.
Pros and cons of this course: Con: it takes forever to get up an running because you only meet once a week.  So If you picked up on centering pretty quick you have a bunch of untrimmed pots until you get to the trimming demo 3 weeks later. Pro: Dale is a really good teacher. I was able to learn from a lot of my past mistakes so quickly and produce objects way better than where I’d left off year ago.

You’ll laugh at me, but this is what I made in 9 weeks.  Obviously not including the objects i destroyed in trimming or ran out of time to finish so just scrapped. (there were a lot of those QQ.)
In reality, due to the above mentioned con, I really only had about 3-4 weeks of actual production, of which i was sick at the end. Not good. Either way I’m really proud of the even walls and more professional look of what I produced.  I’d say, once I have a chance to try again, I should be able to hop right into making really good stuff.



Artist Spotlight – Torianne and Frannerd

It’s been a while since my last artist spotlight, but I started closely following several artists who have positively impacted both by progress and development over the last few months.
I’ve been focusing on 2D this summer so there’s been less to write about and most of it fits into my instagram captions. These artists have been so influential for me these past few months.

First is Tori Anne or Juicy ink on Youtube.  I think this is actually the video I fist discovered her in

and before this i really didn’t watch many youtube videos on technique, but i have so many regrets about that now. watching other artists work is so helpful towards understanding my own work and discovering new ideas and supplies. it’s also entertaining, haha.

Watching how she moved the ink and how she got to her end result really helped me to get to the next level with my supplies. She has so many useful tips and isn’t afraid to admit when she’s messed up.

What really sets her work apart, and I’ve found myself seriously temped to mimic on several occasions are her eyelashes.
torianne_christine_5x8Her characters are always simple and playful but have so much thought and life.


Next on my list of amazing youtube artists is Frannerd

Trying to find the first video of her’s I found again and I think it was a sketchbook tour

Either way, how she works and what she makes is so alluring.  She’s not very complex, but captures emotion so well with her simple colour pallet and cartooned expressions.

tumblr_nvr69nj0vx1s0nk5eo4_1280When so many artists use digital for their daily work, Frannerd’s very simple use of watercolours, inks, and markers were a beautiful reminder of the power of flat colour and traditional media.

The one thing that really got me though, THE TREES. I love how she draws plantlife.  I’ve never been much for plants, and I struggle with backgrounds but she makes them both look fun and effortless.


So many times this past summer I have referenced these two artists work when drawing my own;  Wondered how to do a background or the best way to use a marker on a colour of hair. They’ve been invaluable resources as well as beautiful artists.  I’m still rearranging my walls to add theirs in.



Dragon Age Fanart (there is no escaping Thedas, ever)

There’s something to be said about original art, but fanart is such a great way to stretch my imagination and try something I might not have thought to make otherwise, not to


mention I love making things I’ve seen in game.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Dragon Age.  Between the characters, costumes, and lore there’s no end to what you can draw and make.

Oddly enough, the first thing I wanted to make were the banners that hang up in skyhold. Off I went to the thrift stores to find interesting fabrics and patterns for a decent price while I experimented. The thrift stores didn’t fail me.

Based on what I found I decided to start with the Templar banner.  Why so many video games decide to call their groups templars I’ll never know.  It makes it hard to google, because you end up with all crusades images.


I decided to take a few creative liberties, with the design based on my supplies, but . . .


(the studio is pretty much on clean up day when I took this picture, so pardon the mess.) You’ll notice I seem to have an inability to work at a reasonable scale.  I don’t know why this is.  I always do it. Draft 2 will probably be smaller. I’m really quite satisfied with my frogged rope though (and the fact I attached it so close without a zipper foot)


Belive it or not, this is my smaller paper pattern for the design. These paper patterns I then traced onto some curtains that I’d attached heat n’ bond to. I’m still not sure how I want to do the circle yet.  I made a paper pattern for it like I did the sword, but I don’t really want to waste that much heat n’ bond just for a narrow circle.  There’s a fair bit of research to be done still before I finalize the motif.


Even at this point I’m considering stopping to make it smaller.  Who needs a giant Templar banner in their house? So far so good though. I really wanted to quilt the blue, but drawing guide lines on fabric is much harder than paper.

Next, of course the ever easy to do anywhere: drawing.

If you remember from my post a week or two ago, there was a bunch of portraits, but I’ve gotten addicted to these profile views.  Noses! all the shapes! Solas was actually supposed to be my warden, but she turned into a bald man. . . . so her–his nose is not quite right.  I actually always thought Cassandra and I had very similar noses until I sat down to draw her.  She’s very angular, but her nose isn’t that pointy! No one in DA really has a long nose. Especially not my Lavellen here, but I like the DA:II style of elves so it’s really not that common.

I’ve been DYING to smack little letters into pieces of metal for a few months now, so I was so excited to finally sit down with my hammer and realize how hard it is to keep words going straight. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with any of my stamped metal quite yet, but that didn’t stop me from practicing.  (i learned the smaller letters are MUCH harder to space and keep straight)

All my rocks money went to metal stamps, so I wasn’t allowed to buy all the quartz I could get my hands on, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get my own little lyrium.  (also found a use for one of my metal plates! yay!)

This little guy is RIDDLED with mistakes though, dear goodness.  I was reading an article about tinting translucent sculpy with alcohol based ink, but I don’ have any.  What did I decide to do though? colour on a piece of glass with copic and dab up the ink with clay. Despite the face you’re making, it worked okay, but since I didn’t have a red refill it was hard to get enough ink into the clay, so I resorted to mixing and trying to marble.

Now, I don’t have a toaster over to bake clay in, so I have to go downstairs, preheat the oven, and heat up the house in AUGUST just for a few minutes of clay cooking.  Yeah didn’t sound too appealing to me either.  So what did my genius self decide to do? Heat gun it till it’s stiff. That worked except, I didn’t do enough.  Ever tried cutting sculpy that’s cured outside but soft and warm inside? it’s messy. No bueno. You’ll notice how it barely resembles a crystal at all on the left side image.

Well, yesterday was also my birthday and I was gifted a copic airbrush.  So first thing I did was pop in my red marker and tint the sucker Red Lyrium red. (at this point I implore you to remember it’s only heat gun cured. I’m a crazy woman.)

The little voice inside my head said “stop! cure it all the way before you do anything else!” the little satan on my shoulder kicked the first voice and told me to start gluing stuff on it, and i did.

So while my first draft is cute and stiff on the outside, it’s still squishy inside.  Eventually that’ll bite me in the butt.

Tonight’s goal then is to bake the crystals BEFORE cutting and actually make silicone molds that I can use for resin. The resin crystals are so pretty and would look great as jewelry (lore wise this is the worst idea ever, but who cares).  If you want to see how the smarter me works with clay and how the resin crystals turn out, watch my FB and IG. Updates usually reach there first.


When you just have to hunker down and digitize your work.

Any recommendations on how you organize you work into “to be digitized” and “to be filed” etc is much appreciated, for I find myself in the corner I always end up in: a big growing pile of art that I need to digitize and get into my shop and portfolio. (not to be confused with the pile labeled “need to mat and put on the wall” )

Quick glimpse into my not so busy but somehow lacking free time life: Awesomecon was in early June and all my energy went towards preparing for it. I’d planned the following Monday off to  file all my art and compile all my sales data so it’s easier come tax time, but alas, Jury duty. Soon every Monday that month was full of jury duty, and I don’t know if any of my readers are from the Washington DC area, but serving jury duty south of Fairfax then driving up to Reston for a half day when you’re nixed, then fighting two+ hours of traffic to get home is exhausting. That’s my whole pity party right there.  It was horrible, and the case I got put on was pathetic to boot. But on topic, work ended up needing me on pretty much all my days off and I’m STILL trying to get my TB test for my subbing license (thank you corrupt insurance system), so when I sat down at the end of the day I pretty much just needed to decomp. Read: Draw or Dragon Age.

The problem with this lifestyle, is nothing gets recorded and you end up with a large pile of works that all need to be digitized together.  Cleaning up 20 pieces at the same time makes your eyes hurt, or maybe I have weak eyes, either way I’m dissuaded.

Somehow declaring something will be done, makes it easier to do. So this is my declaration. I WILL DIGITIZE ALL MY WORKS THIS WEDNESDAY. Prepare yourselves! Winter is coming–er–finalized works are coming!

I’ll leave you with some birthday images, since I just turned 25 yesterday


(happy birthday me!)


I wonder if my mica metallics will click into the old pallet . . .